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Bambina con le colombe”

È in pre­sti­to al Get­ty Museum in que­sti gior­ni un capo­la­vo­ro del­la scul­tu­ra clas­si­ca di un fasci­no e una gra­zia com­mo­ven­ti. La con­di­vi­dia­mo con pia­ce­re assie­me alla esem­pla­re illu­stra­zio­ne degli auto­ri del Blog del museo cali­for­nia­no.

A Young Girl Hol­ding Doves, about 450 B.C., Greek. Parian mar­ble, 31 ¾ in. high. The Metro­po­li­tan Museum of Art, 27.45. Flet­cher Fund, 1927.

Some­ti­mes Greek sculp­tu­re star­tles with its beau­ty and poi­gnan­cy. This mar­ble relief with a young girl hol­ding a pair of doves, dating from about 450 B.C., is such a work. Cur­ren­tly on loan to the Get­ty Vil­la from the Metro­po­li­tan Museum of Art in New York, the sculp­tu­re imme­dia­te­ly impres­ses us with its charm and gra­ce. The girl is very young, perhaps only five or six years old jud­ging from her small sta­tu­re, lar­ge head, and plump arms.


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