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New Issue of Artibus et Historiae Journal


A+H 71_DossoDossi

Arti­bus et Histo­riae no. 71 (XXXVI)


252 x 232 mm
ISSN 0391–9064




Daniel Savoy

Kee­ping the Myth Ali­ve: Andrea Dan­do­lo and the Pre­ser­va­tion of Justi­ce at the Palaz­zo Duca­le in Veni­ce (pp. 9–29)


Carol Her­sel­le Krin­sky

Why Hand G of the Turin-Milan Hours Was Not Jan van Eyck (pp. 31–60)


Katar­zy­na Krzyża­gór­ska-Pisa­rek

La Bel­la Prin­ci­pes­sa – Argu­men­ts again­st the Attri­bu­tion to Leo­nar­do (pp. 61–89)


Paul Joan­ni­des

Revi­val or Con­ti­nui­ty? Three Turns about Pon­tor­mo (pp. 91–112)


Mar­cin Fabiań­ski

The Ico­no­gra­phy of Jupi­ter Pain­ting But­ter­flies by Dos­so Dos­si, that is, Alfon­so d’Este’s Dream of Spring (pp. 113–124)


Miche­le Danie­li

Four Pain­tings by Scar­sel­li­no in the Cano­ni­ci Col­lec­tion and their Figu­ra­ti­ve Sour­ces (pp. 125–144)


Ste­ven F. Ostrow

Pie­tro Tac­ca and his Quat­tro Mori: The Beau­ty and Iden­ti­ty of the Sla­ves (pp. 145–180)


Krzysz­tof J. Czyżew­ski and Marek Walc­zak

The Monu­men­ts with Por­trait Busts of the Bishops of Cra­cow: On the Histo­ry of the Recep­tion of Roman Baro­que Models of Sepul­chral Art in Poland (Ber­ni­ni – Algar­di – Ros­si) (pp. 181–223)


Bar­ba­ra Hrysz­ko

Ale­xan­dre Ube­le­ski (Ube­le­squi): The Ouvre of the Pain­ter and the Defi­ni­tion of his Sty­le (pp. 226–280)


Jesper Sven­ning­sen

Mat­tia Preti’s Vault in Saint John’s, Val­let­ta: New Light on a Com­plex Ico­no­gra­phy (pp. 282–295)


Jose­ph Man­ca

Bri­tish Land­sca­pe Gar­de­ning, Ita­lian Renais­san­ce Pain­ting, and the Grand Tour (pp. 297–322)


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Plac Mate­j­ki 7/8, 31–157 Kra­kow, POLAND


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