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New Issue of Artibus et Historiae Journal


A+H 71_DossoDossi

Artibus et Historiae no. 71 (XXXVI)


252 x 232 mm
ISSN 0391-9064




Daniel Savoy

Keeping the Myth Alive: Andrea Dandolo and the Preservation of Justice at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice (pp. 9-29)


Carol Herselle Krinsky

Why Hand G of the Turin-Milan Hours Was Not Jan van Eyck (pp. 31-60)


Katarzyna Krzyżagórska-Pisarek

La Bella Principessa – Arguments against the Attribution to Leonardo (pp. 61-89)


Paul Joannides

Revival or Continuity? Three Turns about Pontormo (pp. 91-112)


Marcin Fabiański

The Iconography of Jupiter Painting Butterflies by Dosso Dossi, that is, Alfonso d’Este’s Dream of Spring (pp. 113-124)


Michele Danieli

Four Paintings by Scarsellino in the Canonici Collection and their Figurative Sources (pp. 125-144)


Steven F. Ostrow

Pietro Tacca and his Quattro Mori: The Beauty and Identity of the Slaves (pp. 145-180)


Krzysztof J. Czyżewski and Marek Walczak

The Monuments with Portrait Busts of the Bishops of Cracow: On the History of the Reception of Roman Baroque Models of Sepulchral Art in Poland (Bernini – Algardi – Rossi) (pp. 181-223)


Barbara Hryszko

Alexandre Ubeleski (Ubelesqui): The Ouvre of the Painter and the Definition of his Style (pp. 226-280)


Jesper Svenningsen

Mattia Preti’s Vault in Saint John’s, Valletta: New Light on a Complex Iconography (pp. 282-295)


Joseph Manca

British Landscape Gardening, Italian Renaissance Painting, and the Grand Tour (pp. 297-322)


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