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Pla­ce: Vene­zia
Date: 13/03/2015 – 20/03/2015


VENICE ART HOUSE Gal­le­ry, Veni­ce – March 13 / 20, 2015

It’s LIQUID Group, in col­la­bo­ra­tion with Inter­na­tio­nal ArtEx­po, Ca’ Zanar­di and VENICE ART HOUSE gal­le­ry, is proud to announ­ce the ope­ning of VENICE ART HOUSEBORDERS & DISORDERS, con­tem­po­ra­ry art exhi­bi­tion of pho­to­gra­phy, video-art, pain­ting, instal­la­tion and per­for­man­ce art, that will be held in Veni­ce at VENICE ART HOUSE Gal­le­ry, from the 13th to the 20th of March 2015.

The ope­ning of the event will be on March 13, 2015 at VENICE ART HOUSE Gal­le­ry, star­ting from 06.00 PM (free entry).

orga­ni­zers: It’s LIQUID Group & Inter­na­tio­nal ArtEx­po
part­ners: Ca’ Zanar­di, Veni­ce Art Hou­se
cura­tors: Luca Cur­ci, Andrea Chi­nel­la­to
press offi­ce: It’s LIQUID

venue: VENICE ART HOUSE Gal­le­ry, Can­na­re­gio 1863C – 30121 Veni­ce, Ita­ly
dates: from the 13th to the 20th of March 2015; from 03.00 PM 09.00 PM

VENICE ART HOUSEBORDERS & DISORDERS is the fir­st event of a series, crea­ted throu­gh the part­ner­ship bet­ween It’s LIQUID Group and Inter­na­tio­nal ArtEx­po with Ca’ Zanar­di and Veni­ce Art Hou­se. It aims to pre­sent con­tem­po­ra­ry artists in the heart of the city of Veni­ce, in a new venue, Veni­ce Art Hou­se gal­le­ry, loca­ted few minu­tes from Pon­te di Rial­to and San­ta Lucia sta­tion.

The event is cura­ted by Arch. Luca Cur­ci (Foun­der of LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTS, Inter­na­tio­nal ArtEx­po and It’s LIQUID Group) and Andrea Chi­nel­la­to (cura­tor and direc­tor of Palaz­zo Ca’ Zanar­di and VENICE ART HOUSE Gal­le­ry). The festival’s pro­gram inclu­des video art scree­nings, movies’ pro­jec­tions, live per­for­man­ces and mee­tings with artists invol­ved.

VENICE ART HOUSEBORDERS & DISORDERS is focu­sed on the con­cept of “bor­ders”, on how peo­ple feel the idea of bor­ders and how this idea is lin­ked with the con­cept of free­dom. Bor­ders, con­cei­ved as per­so­nal, geo­gra­phi­cal and cul­tu­ral ones, can defi­ne our idea of free­dom in con­tem­po­ra­ry socie­ty, or they can be con­si­de­red as an obsta­cle to free­dom which need to be bro­ken by a sin­gle per­son or a social/political/cultural group to reach his/her per­so­nal free­dom (cur­rent even­ts in our world are an exam­ple of it). The event will also ana­ly­ze the idea of urban and cities’ bor­ders, how peo­ple live them, how they are modi­fied in con­tem­po­ra­ry metro­po­lis.

Marian­ne Met­tler & Tibor Foel­des . Swi­tzer­land | Giu­lio Spe­ran­za . Ita­ly | Wal­ter Bro­via . Argen­ti­na | Pat­ti Gross­man . USA | Valen­tin Soa­re . Roma­nia | Shi­zi­co Yi . Tai­wan | Ana Petro­vi­ci . Roma­nia | Vale­rio De Bonis . Ita­ly | Fre­de­ri­co Eva­ri­sto . Bra­zil | Sami­ha Khan . Paki­stan | Maria João Petruc­ci . Por­tu­gal | Klaus Guin­gand . Fran­ce | Moo­nis Ahmad Shah . India | Hele­na Tahir . Slo­ve­nia | Paul Hum­ph­ries . UK | Wil­liam Herod . USA | Asher Bena­tar . Argen­ti­na | Nur Debre . Tur­key | Ani­ta Spoo­ner . Austra­lia | Cibe­le Maia . Bra­zil | Yuko Asai . Japan | Daniel Peš­ta . Czech Repu­blic | Mar­co Tes­sa­ro­lo . Ita­ly | Andreas Mares . Austria | Bob van Lui­jt . The Nether­lands | Lior Nord­man . Israel | Antho­ny Mavi­lia . USA | Mir­ja­na Mar­se­nic . Mon­te­ne­gro | Nata­li­ja Dju­ra­no­vic . Mon­te­ne­gro | Dusan­ka Mar­se­nic . UK | Manya Fabi­niak . USA | Eka­te­ri­na Bau­kh . Ger­ma­ny | Patri­zia Fal­co­net­ti . Ita­ly | Moni­ca Cat­to . Ita­ly | Iztok Šma­js . Slo­ve­nia | Vida Hab­ja­nič, Ana Bahor, Ben­ja­min Friš­ko­vec . Slo­ve­nia | Rache­le Fer­raz­zi . Ger­ma­ny

PERFORMANCE PROGRAM – March 13, 2015 star­ting from 07.00 PM
Ele­na Ros­set­ti . Ita­ly – “Cor­nu­co­pia – Dan­za­re l’arte” – 20 min
Ale­xan­dra Fof­fa­no & Ange­li­ca Stec­chi . Ita­ly – “Mag­ma” – 15 min

Veni­ce Art Hou­se Gal­le­ry is the new exhi­bi­tion spa­ce of Ca’ Zanar­di, loca­ted in Veni­ce (Can­na­re­gio 1863C), with a dimen­sion of 250 sqm and two water entran­ces. The arti­st Wil­liam Herod is the arti­stic direc­tor of the spa­ce.

Star­ting from 2001, Luca Cur­ci with Inter­na­tio­nal ArtEx­po and It’s LIQUID Group, have cura­ted and orga­ni­zed more than 80 con­tem­po­ra­ry art even­ts, with the par­ti­ci­pa­tion of about 2.500 inter­na­tio­nal artists from all-over the world (UK, Spain, Ita­ly, Fran­ce, Austria, Por­tu­gal, The Nether­lands, Fin­land, Swe­den, Nor­way, Den­mark, Swi­tzer­land, Gree­ce, Ger­ma­ny, Tur­key, Poland, USA, Argen­ti­na, Bra­zil, Peru, Israel, UAE, Rus­sia, Thai­land, etc.) with an ave­ra­ge of 45 art­works exhi­bi­ted in each show (with a maxi­mum of 108 artists invol­ved in the great MORPHOS festi­val held in Veni­ce during the Archi­tec­tu­re Bien­na­le 2014). The orga­ni­za­tion has inter­na­tio­nal part­ner­ships with art venues in Ita­ly, Tur­key, USA, Spain, Argen­ti­na, UK, Midd­le East, etc., and col­la­bo­ra­tes with museums, gal­le­ries and insti­tu­tions such as MuMo – Museum Mon­ta­nel­li in Pra­gue, Lau­ra Haber Gal­le­ry in Bue­nos Aires, MIXER gal­le­ry in Istan­bul and MECA art cen­ter in Alme­ria.

It’s LIQUID Group
c/o Luca Cur­ci Archi­tec­ts
Cor­so Vit­to­rio Ema­nue­le II, 33
70122 Bari (Ita­ly)


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