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Storico dell’arte scopre un dipinto perduto mentre guarda “Stuart Little”

Vani­ty Fair onli­ne ci rac­con­ta la sto­ria di Ger­ge­ly Bar­ki, ricer­ca­to­re del­la Gal­le­ria Nazio­na­le Unghe­re­se, che duran­te il Nata­le del 2009 vide pas­sa­re nel film Stuart Lit­tle una tela di Robert Bere­ny, arti­sta dell’avanguardia unghe­re­se, che risul­ta­va scom­par­sa dal 1928. L’opera sarà bat­tu­ta all’asta il 13 dicem­bre.


Lost Pain­ting Disco­ve­red by Art Histo­rian Whi­le Wat­ching Stuart Lit­tle

An art historian’s work is never done.
Ger­ge­ly Bar­ki, who works as a resear­cher at the Hun­ga­rian Natio­nal Gal­le­ry in Buda­pe­st, was spen­ding Christ­mas 2009 at home on the couch with his young daughter. They were wat­ching Stuart Lit­tle when he noti­ced some­thing odd about the pain­ting han­ging over the fic­tio­nal family’s mantelpiece—it bore a stri­king resem­blan­ce to a work by Hun­ga­rian arti­st Robert Bere­ny, which had last been seen in public in 1928.

Bar­ki reco­gni­zed the painting—“Sleeping Lady with Black Vase”—from a black-and-whi­te pho­to­gra­ph taken of the work during its last exhi­bi­tion, in 1928. “It was not just on screen for one second but in seve­ral sce­nes of the film, so I knew I was not drea­ming. It was a very hap­py moment,” said Bar­ki. who had no idea how it ended up as set dres­sing in a 1999 children’s movie » Con­ti­nua…


Lost Pain­ting Found by Art Histo­rian Whi­le Wat­ching Stuart Lit­tle | Vani­ty Fair

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