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Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation

The Skin of our Teeth”, the fir­st epi­so­de of Ken­neth Clark’s 1969 series “Civi­li­sa­tion: A Per­so­nal View”.

Docu­men­ta­ry series in which Sir Ken­neth Clark exa­mi­nes the ideas and values which to him give mea­ning to the term Western Civi­li­sa­tion.

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Ken­neth Clark’s 13-part series pro­du­ced by Bri­tish Broa­d­ca­sting Corporation’s Chan­nel 2 (BBC-2) in 1969 and relea­sed in the Uni­ted Sta­tes in 1970 on public tele­vi­sion, remains a mile­sto­ne in the histo­ry of arts tele­vi­sion, the Public Broa­d­ca­sting System, and the expli­ca­tion of high cul­tu­re to inte­re­sted lay­peo­ple. The series offers an exten­ded defi­ni­tion of the essen­tial qua­li­ties of Western civi­li­za­tion throu­gh an exa­mi­na­tion of its chief monu­men­ts and impor­tant loca­tions. Whi­le such a task may seem both arro­gant and impos­si­ble, Clark’s views are always sti­mu­la­ting and fre­quen­tly enter­tai­ning. Civi­li­za­tion, he sug­gests, is ener­ge­tic, con­fi­dent, huma­ne, and com­pas­sio­na­te, based on a belief in per­ma­nen­ce and in the neces­si­ty of self-doubt.


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