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Time-Lapse’ of Monet’s Rouen Cathedral

#ArtEx­pe­di­tion Monet crea­ted seve­ral groups of pain­tings explo­ring the color, light, and form of a sin­gle sub­ject at various times of day, but his Rouen Cathe­dral series was his most inten­se effort on a sin­gle site.

Watch his play of light across the faça­de of the cathe­dral in this 1-minu­te video.
‘Time-Lap­se’ of Monet’s Rouen Cathe­dral

Watch the play of light across the faca­de of the Rouen Cathe­dral as cap­tu­red by Clau­de Monet in 1892–94. The sce­ne is set with an ear­ly archi­tec­tu­ral pho­to­gra­ph of the church crea­ted by bro­thers Louis-Augu­ste and Augu­ste-Rosa­lie Bis­son (or Bis­son Frè­res) in about 1854–64.


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