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Letters to Vermeer’s Woman in Blue

Vermeer’s Woman in Blue inspi­res love whe­re­ver she goes. When we invi­ted you to ima­gi­ne the fir­st line of that myste­rious let­ter she’s hol­ding, you respon­ded with near­ly 200 crea­ti­ve ideas via The Iris, Face­book, and Twitter—from the heart­felt to the hila­rious (and a few that were both). A selec­tion of ope­ning lines is sho­w­ca­sed in this com­mu­nal video valen­ti­ne.

Vermeer’s Woman in Blue Rea­ding a Let­ter at the Get­ty Museum:
Wri­te the Ope­ning Line to Vermeer’s “Lady in Blue”:

Dear “Woman in Blue,” Let Me Tell You Of…:

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