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Everett Fahy: The Lehmans, Father and Son

Eve­rett Fahy, chair­man eme­ri­tus of the Depart­ment of Euro­pean Pain­tings at The Metro­po­li­tan Museum of Art, faul­ts for­mer head of Leh­man Bro­thers Robert Leh­man for blind­ly col­lec­ting pain­tings from the School of Paris.

Loca­tion: The Frick Col­lec­tion, New York
Date: 03.02.13
Sym­po­sium: Money for the Most Exqui­si­te Things: Ban­kers and Col­lec­ting from the Medi­ci to the


01. Intro­duc­tion
02. Phi­lip and Robert Leh­man
03. Beco­ming Art Col­lec­tors
04. Ear­ly Acqui­si­tions
05. Cul­ling the Col­lec­tion
06. The Phi­lip Leh­man Col­lec­tion
07. The Robert Leh­man Colec­tion
08. The Leh­man Hou­se



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