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Type is eve­ry­whe­re. Eve­ry print publi­ca­tion, web­si­te, movie, adver­ti­se­ment and public mes­sa­ge invol­ves the crea­tion or selec­tion of a fit­ting type­fa­ce. Onli­ne, a rich and arti­stic typo­gra­phi­cal cul­tu­re exists, whe­re type­fa­ces are crea­ted and gra­phic desi­gn seeps in to eve­ry ima­ge.

In epi­so­de 2 of Off Book, type­fa­ce desi­gners Jona­than Hoe­fler and Tobias Fre­re-Jones outli­ne the impor­tan­ce of selec­ting the right font to con­vey a par­ti­cu­lar fee­ling. Gra­phic desi­gner Pau­la Scher talks about buil­ding iden­ti­ty in mes­sa­ging, whi­le Eddie Opa­ra uses tex­tu­re to crea­te reac­tion. Info­gra­phic desi­gners Julia Vak­ser and Deroy Pera­za map com­pli­ca­ted data sets into dige­sti­ble ima­ge­ry, mixing color, gra­phics and type.

Jona­than Hoe­fler and Tobias Fre­re-Jones, Type­fa­ce Desi­gners
Pau­la Scher, Desi­gner
Eddie Opa­ra, Desi­gner
Deroy Pera­za and Julia Vak­ser, Desi­gners

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