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SAVE GIOTTO! [english version]

News from Ita­ly: the Scro­ve­gni Cha­pel pain­ted by Giot­to, in Padua, is threa­te­ned.
This is one of the most impor­tant monu­men­ts of the histo­ry of world art (and it’s not an hyper­bo­le to say), we must inter­ve­ne. We must clo­se ranks, as in the recent bat­tle for the Vasari’s fre­scoes in Palaz­zo Vec­chio in Flo­ren­ce. But perhaps this time the que­stion is more seve­re.

The deli­ca­te hydro­geo­lo­gi­cal asset of that area could be ine­xo­ra­bly alte­red by the con­struc­tion of an audi­to­rium at less than 200 meters from the cha­pel. The pro­ject inclu­des also a 104-meters-tall sky­scra­per and a par­king lot has just been com­ple­ted, modi­fy­ing the rainfall’s absorp­tion into the ground.
In 2011 the City com­mis­sio­ned a stu­dy on the con­se­quen­ces of the new buil­dings’ con­struc­tion. Resul­ts are pos­si­bi­li­stic, but they indi­ca­te that the deep aqui­fer of the audi­to­rium will be in con­nec­tion with the Chapel’s one.

The art histo­rian Chia­ra Fru­go­ni wro­te an appeal, also pro­mo­ted by Ales­san­dro Nova and Stef­fi Roett­gen. They ask the maxi­mum pro­tec­tion for the Scro­ve­gni Chapel’s under­ground foun­da­tions, pre­fe­ra­bly by orga­ni­zing an inter­na­tio­nal com­pe­ti­tion.
Yester­day mor­ning the appeal was laun­ched by the ita­lian new­spa­per “Il Fat­to Quo­ti­dia­no” and by the web­si­te In the mean­ti­me “La Repub­bli­ca” relea­sed this inter­view with the emi­nent archaeo­lo­gi­st Sal­va­to­re Set­tis.
Anyo­ne wishing to sub­scri­be can send an email to Pro­fes­sor Ser­gio Costa, at gs.costa[at]

How much are Gotto’s fre­scoes, com­pa­red to the bene­fi­ts brought by new buil­dings?
Don’t aban­don Padua’s citi­zens whi­le they are discus­sing the pri­ce, becau­se the­re is no pri­ce.

See the ori­gi­nal appeal signed by

—Chia­ra Fru­go­ni

Fran­ce­sco Ace­to / Rober­to Bar­ta­li­ni / Fran­ce­sco Caglio­ti / Lau­ra Cavaz­zi­ni / Keith Chri­stian­sen / Maria Moni­ca Dona­to / Vit­to­rio Emi­lia­ni, per il Comi­ta­to per la Bel­lez­za / Julian Gard­ner / Car­lo Ginz­burg / Maria Pia Guer­man­di, per Eddy­burg / Dona­ta Levi, per Patri­mo­nio­Sos / Fran­co Mirac­co / Toma­so Mon­ta­na­ri / Ales­san­dra Mot­to­la Mol­fi­no, per Ita­lia Nostra / Ales­san­dro Nova / Tit­ti Pana­jot­ti, per Ita­lia Nostra Pado­va / Giu­sep­pe Pava­nel­lo / Anto­nio Pinel­li / Giu­lia­no Pisa­ni / Sere­na Roma­no / Stef­fi Roett­gen /Salvatore Set­tis / Gio­van­na Valen­za­no / Bru­no Zanar­di

Fol­low the appeal on Twit­ter: #Save­Giot­to




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21 Responses to SAVE GIOTTO! [english version]

  1. Marjo Suominen 9 maggio 2012 at 14:53 #

    I have visi­ted and seen the Scro­ve­gni Cha­pel by Giot­to, in Pa­dua for c. two years ago, and I think it should and has to be pro­tec­ted as part of our rich cul­tu­ral heri­ta­ge of the world!

  2. Mary Whiteside 28 aprile 2012 at 14:50 #

    The fir­st time I visi­ted this cha­pel, ful­fil­ling a life­long ambi­tion, I was so over­co­me by the beau­ty and sere­ni­ty of the work that I was redu­ced to tears. I retur­ned that same day for a clea­rer view and have been back sin­ce. It’s impor­tan­ce as a work of art can­not be exag­ge­ra­ted. Plea­se con­ti­nue this cam­pai­gn to pre­ser­ve it from the greed of modern deve­lo­pers. We owe it to our chil­dren and their chil­dren to pro­tect it from harm.

  3. RoseAnn Tripodi 24 marzo 2012 at 00:30 #

    I was in Padua in Sept 2011 and made a spe­cial trip to see the cha­pel and Giotto’s
    master­pie­ce. He is one of the fir­st true artists of the Renais­san­ce and his work was the cata­ly­st that star­ted it all. I have also clim­bed his cam­pa­ni­le at San­ta Maria dell Fio­re in Firen­ze – che bel­la! – to be able to do both is an honor and a pri­vled­ge not many ever get to expe­rien­ce. To put any great art in dan­ger for the sake of “pro­gress” only cau­ses us to lose what we can never get back – to pla­ce a modern buil­ding which pro­ba­bly won’t be the­re 25 years from now. Ita­ly has the most beau­ti­ful art in the world and for that alo­ne it should be pre­se­re­ved for all etern­ti­ty – it is sacred and we need hold on to as much of that as pos­si­ble!
    This cha­pel and all it has held for over SEVEN HUNDRED YEARS – needs to be pre­ser­ved and saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Karen Schousboe 3 marzo 2012 at 13:34 #

    I still remem­ber when we were tra­vel­ling with our kids in 1993 and I insi­sted that we should visit the pla­ce (which I had seen as a child). And we got lost in the traf­fic and my husband was mad. And then – when we final­ly found the cha­pel – he was over­whel­med. His who­le life he had wan­ted to see the fre­scoes and I had not been able to explain, why I had insi­sted. And all our quar­rels were laid to rest due to the soo­thing and spi­ri­tual calm of the pla­ce. Plea­se, save them…

  5. Michael R. Kapetan 23 febbraio 2012 at 16:55 #

    Plea­se do not put at risk a tru­ly uni­ver­sal human trea­su­re for a dubious futu­re.

  6. Jos Hanou 23 febbraio 2012 at 08:39 #

    Giot­to must be saved from modern gree­dy Scrovegni’s!

  7. Ken Macklin 22 febbraio 2012 at 19:41 #

    Giot­to is one of the most impor­tant artists in the histo­ry of Art – he poin­ted pain­ting in a new direc­tion. His work, and most cer­tain­ly the Scro­ve­gni Cha­pel in Padua, Ita­ly must be pre­ser­ved.

  8. Jan DeWese 19 febbraio 2012 at 16:23 #

    I relea­se THE BLESSING, upon the cha­pel, in Jesus Name.

  9. Andrew D. Weiner 18 febbraio 2012 at 15:07 #

    Giotto’s fre­scoes are one of the world’s cul­tu­ral trea­su­res. Endan­ge­ring them would be an act of ter­ro­ri­sm. Befo­re they are endan­ge­red by local con­struc­tion, the most care­ful engi­nee­ring stu­dies should be made to ensu­re that the­re will be no dan­ger to the world’s cul­tu­ral patri­mo­ny. No one will ever for­get (or for­gi­ve) the Taliban’s destruc­tion of two ancient sta­tues of Bud­d­ha; one wold hope that the Paduans will not claim a simi­lar­ly infa­mous pla­ce in the world’s cul­tu­ral histo­ry.

  10. Roberta Gray Katz, Ph.D. 12 febbraio 2012 at 20:32 #

    Plea­se make cer­tain the the Are­na Cha­pel is safe befo­re any con­struc­tion takes pla­ce.

  11. I, too, am a pro­fes­sor of Art Histo­ry and urge any and all means to pre­ser­ve the cha­pel again­st any poten­tial dama­ge. Whi­le my area of exper­ti­se is con­tem­po­ra­ry art, I have taken stu­den­ts on a pil­gri­ma­ge to see the cha­pel, and I urge all my stu­den­ts (under­gra­dua­te and gra­dua­te) to visit the cha­pel in order to under­stand how Giotto’s cri­ti­cal posi­tion in the histo­ry of western art.

  12. Serena D'Italia 11 febbraio 2012 at 22:02 #

    Thank you all! We are glad to recei­ve your sup­port!

  13. Dr. M. E. Warlick 11 febbraio 2012 at 16:59 #

    As a Pro­fes­sor of Art Histo­ry, I bring stu­den­ts to the cha­pel and it is one of the highlights of our trip to Ita­ly. It must be pre­ser­ved.

  14. John Xiros Cooper 11 febbraio 2012 at 15:52 #

    Eve­ry­thing must be done to to pro­tect this great trea­su­re. I have visi­ted the cha­pel twi­ce and last sum­mer I took my tee­na­ge chil­dren. My 14 year old daughter actual­ly took out her ear­buds and found her­self com­ple­te­ly absor­bed by Giotto’s work. Of cour­se, visi­ts to the cha­pel are too short and both my daughter and son, who’s 17, wan­ted to regi­ster for ano­ther visit. It was the only monu­ment in Ita­ly they insi­sted we see twi­ce.

  15. Sergio Momesso 3 febbraio 2012 at 23:26 #

    Thank you for your com­ment.
    Anyo­ne wi­shing to sub­scribe the appeal can send an email to Pro­fes­sor Ser­gio Co­sta, at gs.costa[at]

  16. Patrick Harley 3 febbraio 2012 at 18:43 #

    I visi­ted the cha­pel in July last year and the fre­scoes are a tru­ly ama­zing thing to see. It would be ter­ri­ble if any dama­ge were to come to them or the buil­ding. Is the­re any­whe­re peo­ple can sign to express their con­cerns?


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